Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hewo Kitty

Those are the most precious words. You don't think so? Well this morning Elizabeth uttered her first phrase, "Hewo Kitty". A wonderful way to begin the day. After over a year of pouring language into her, we finally got two words together spontaneously!!!!

Answer to, So what is non-toxic, sticky like honey, colorless, and smells like a bottle of perfume?


Mr. M wanted to smell good and decided to rub a whole stick of chapstick on his chest and abdomen. Honestly I thought he had found some body cream since he was so odoriferous. However, when his body stuck to me during book time before bed I knew something was a miss. Upon his disclosure of having used chapstick, it took effort to conceal the smile and laughter that wanted to bubble up. Only this wonderful, zany child would come up with rubbing CHAPSTICK on his body to smell good!?

---------Incredible Update-----------

Mr. Incredible ventured into work today for the first time since becoming ill. Thank you for everyone's prayers.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day in Our Life

Mr. M: There's a fish!
Elizabeth: la- la- la- la, la- la- la- la
Me: WHAT?! (knowing we have no fish) WHERE?!
Mr. M: In the TOILET!
Elizabeth: wewo wooh
Me: J. Go see what's in the toilet! (bracing myself for something bad) AND NO ONE TOUCH IT!
J: It's a leaf!
(sigh of relief breathed)

Note to self, don't give T Boost and clarify "if you need to p*ke just p*ke" to include instructions about NOT just going all OVER the FLOOR when standing NEXT to the toilet!

Riddle for the day:
What's non-toxic, sticky like honey, colorless, and smells like a bottle of perfume?

Monday, September 27, 2010


Sometimes things are tough because God is trying to correct you.

Sometimes things go wrong because Satan is the prince of the air and his ways are not for our good.

Sometimes things are going wrong because you're headed in your own direction and God is trying to get your attention.

Sometimes things are great for no explainable reason.

Sometimes things are great because God is rewarding your diligence.

Sometimes things are so mixed up and sad/glad, happy/mad at the same time and the real test is what is our response going to be. Will we believe that He IS WORKING? Will we SEEK HIS FACE? Or are we going to do what we've always done?

Sometimes people may say having 5 kids is having 5 too many. But each have brought encouragement in their own special way these last two weeks, along with spilt milk, huge messes... and a reaffirmation that life is indeed precious!

Sometimes I just need to not take myself so seriously and laugh my head off at whatever is brought my way.

I am truly amazed that I am still standing after 14 days of basically single mommyhood. Mr. Incredible went to the doctor and he now has meds and hopefully starts improving. I don't know that he will be visiting a certain Mc Eating establishment any time in the future. I could be upset (part of me really could be), but this has actually been the most glorious trip he's ever taken to China (at least for us at home). I am taking care of a really sick husband and I didn't even p*ke when he did - that's progress! I have dealt with several sleepless/little sleep nights and yet was still aware enough to not be broadsided by the guy who ran the red light, or the guy who ran the stop sign or hit head on by the lady that ran another red light. (Do I have a poster saying 'hit me' on the van?!) God's hand has been so present lately, that I am in awe. I normally would have melted into some sort of puddle on the floor way before this. Sometimes I just have to give up my desires and plans and say, "Lord, whatever may come, you are in control. Use me, help me, strengthen me." If this hadn't been my prayer for the last two weeks, I can honestly say I don't think I would be where I am. But we are still standing!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grabbing the Power

LYDD, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 25:  The sun sets behind power lines running from Dungerness nuclear power station on July 25, 2009 near Lydd, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Ephesians 1:18-21 (NIV) "...that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of his mighty strength, which he exerted in Christ...far above all rule and authority, power and dominion..."
The Message states verses 18 and 19 -"... to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life he has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!"

Let me take some liberty for a moment and imagine with me that God is a high voltage transmission power line. He IS full of power. He IS the source of light and life.

So if God is like a high voltage power line -
Are we living far from the source of power so far that we are unaware of it? Or are we looking at the power line from a distance and think, "Wow! What power! That's nice." Maybe we go stand near the power line and are in the magnetic field saying, "Oh this is nice. I can clearly see God and I can feel his presence this is good." Adventurous people may find a way to poke a little near the line and get the occasional "electrifying experience". OR
Leaping do we
grab onto that power line and say, "Let me be YOUR conduit, use me! I may burn, but let me burn for you!"

Power lines are not easily reached for a reason, there is energy, POWER in them. You have to take a leap of believing. Believe that God IS who He says He IS. Believe that God can DO what He says He can DO. Be willing to accept and do the plan He has for YOU. He won't force it.

Up in the air hanging on to the power of God may get lonely, hard, tiring, BUT living for God though not easy, is worth it.

1 Thess. 2:2,4 "We had previously suffered and been insulted in Philippi, as you know, but with the help of our God we dared to tell you his gospel in spite of strong opposition ... we speak as men approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel. We are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts."

‎"God can't say, 'Well done good and faithful servant' if you don't do what He asks."~ from Gideon Tuba Warrior, Veggietales


Mr. Incredible arrived home at 8:30 yesterday morning while Mr. M and I were at a local quick clinic trying to ascertain if he had strep throat.
Mr. M DOES NOT have strep throat- praise the LORD!
Mr. T is still coughing and wheezing.
Mr. Z last night complained of a sore throat, was coughing and having some difficulty breathing and is still having some issues.
Mr. J hasn't had a nosebleed recently (that I know of), but is not in top form.
Mr. Incredible is having serious stomach issues.
It would appear that Elizabeth and myself are the only ones really up and going. LOL!
Needless to say, I am a little occupied at home and so I had to call our church and let them know I couldn't be there for our once every eight weeks volunteering time in a class. (really so sorry)

I am beginning to think that this is spiritual warfare since when I pray for Mr. Incredible or read scripture to him the stomach pain stops. Growing up in a more "religiously free" denomination, I saw the bondage that people were in when they didn't "see" or "feel" God and have since tried to temper my upbringing because God is there even when we don't "feel" or "see" Him. However, since Thursday morning something IS going on. A lot of me wonders if this all has to do with an email we received asking us a question Thursday afternoon.

Lord, may we persevere. May we seek you. Heal, Father. Use me, I'm yours. Amen

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Last 28 Hours

God has really been dealing with me for the last 28 hours about having faith, believing, showing love... It's really been for a couple of weeks, however in the last few hours noteworthy things have been happening. (unfortunately not bloggable at present) Please pray that we are able to hear the Lord clearly. Please pray that Mr. Incredible and I will be "on the same page" once he returns home. Please pray that we can set selfishness aside and seek God's heart.

A couple more practical prayers- Mr. J has been having nightly nosebleeds during the middle of the night, Mr. T has had three days (maybe four, they're running together) of breathing issues, Mr. M possibly has strep throat (discovered tonight, sorry to all we were around today!). I think that satan is trying to overwhelm me right now and take my eyes off the prize and I'm trying to stay strong and have faith.

Thanks prayer warriors.

Mr. Incredible's returning!

Mr. Incredible is on his way home. We will see him in maybe another 24 hours. Please pray for his safe return.
He sent me this one line email earlier, "Just to let you know, I just charged 12,000,000 on the credit card." What?! Fortunately, I knew it was Rupies not dollars. :-) Still a chunk of change, but not THAT bad. LOL! Never boring!



Alvin was born in a Liberian refugee camp in The Republic of Ghana, Africa.  His mother fled there during the civil war in Liberia.  Sadly, while she was in Ghana her family was killed in Liberia.  Alvin’s father died in the refugee camp before he was born.

In 2007, When Alvin was 4 years-old, he and his mother returned to Liberia.  There she began attending church and quit drinking.  Two years later, a few days before Christmas, she began vomiting and was admitted to a hospital with malaria.  Soon after, she died.

Alvin now lives at Lifesong Liberia's Master's Home of Champions.

You can help a child like Alvin. You can feed a child like Alvin.

Our goal is 70 people. $28 a month. One year commitment.

We have 44. 26 to go!

Will you join us in bringing joy and purpose to orphans?

Contact us at to make your commitment! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Quita is 5 years old.  During the disarmament time, rebels came to her village and took all the men, including her father.  She never saw her father again.  Later it was discovered that these men were taken to a bridge where they were shot and thrown into the river.

Her mother ran to the Salala district with the other villagers for refuge.   There she later got sick and became paralyzed.  Last year Quita’s mother died and Quita was taken to the Lifesong Liberia's Home of Champions.  When she grows up she wants to be a medical doctor and help children.

Isn't it amazing that at 5 years old she's thinking about how someday she can help other children?

How can we help children today?

We're asking for a monthly commitment of $28 for one year.

Twenty-eight dollars...

- eating out at that new restaurant

- the shirt you've had your eye on

- a date night to the movies

- those pillows that would just look sooo good on your sofa.

I won't lie, making this commitment will require some sacrifice.  But trust me.  The sacrifice is always worth the reward.

What can you sacrifice for a child like Quita?

Our goal is 70 people.  $28 a month.  One year commitment.

We have 36 commitments, 34 to go!

Join us in bringing joy and purpose to orphans!

Contact us at to commit! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're #1!!!

I've been doing some recon for Elizabeth's adoption. According to here there were 3001 adoptions from China to the United States in 2009. I know that we weren't the last to adopt from China last year, but see that 1. That 1 is Elizabeth. I might not be able to adopt 3000, but I can adopt 1. 1 can make a difference.

Nine Days Done

Mr. Incredible has been gone for 9 long days, but God has been faithful. My parents have been such a support and help with coming to visit. I joked with my dad about having a Daddy Do list for him. You know what, he's been working on it! Light fixtures that I've had for a couple of years in sitting in the garage are now in their rightful places! The hole in the wall from Mr. M pulling out the curtain rod, gone! My mom has been even spoiling me with some of her awesome cooking. Oh I could get used to this... :-)

Mr. T is under the weather right now and I hope he improves for a field trip that I have planned for Friday. Sniffles for one child is a major respiratory event for him. Mr. M is doing WONDERFULLY on his new dose of medication, such huge strides. Since I am not one who is big on medications, I didn't really even think of giving him a higher dose. I'm so glad that the behavioral pediatrician said something.

We do have some sadness. Our wonderful Ms. K who is Mr. M's occupational therapist will not be returning after her maternity leave is over. :-( So sad to see her go, been struggling with her temporary replacement who has now gone on to a different new job. I'm really hoping (and praying) that Ms. N whom we meet tomorrow will be a good fit. Change is never easy for Mr. M.

Not ready for our crazy Thursdays.

Thankful for Skype- free long distance using the internet (even internationally).

Extremely thankful that salvation is not based on merit or Bible study completion. I am not perfect and my week 2 of Bible study is STILL undone. But I found the bookmark! Does that count for something?! LoL!

More on Liberia

This summer our church had their annual VBS program.  We had the kids raise money to support a Vacation Bible Camp at Lifesong Liberia.  Well, the response of these 5-11 year olds brought tears to my eyes.  We heard stories about kids doing extra chores around the house and emptying their piggy banks.  One child even asked if this year's Christmas money could go to helping these children across the world!  wow!

That week we raised more than double what we needed!  That same week our Liberia director, Emmanuel Jones, discovered another orphanage that needed our help.  Another orphanage where the children were starving.  Another orphanage that we could help with extra money raised by children in Illinois.

Amazing!  God's timing is so good, isn't it?

We announced to the kids that their money would not only give Liberian children a Bible camp to attend, but would also provide food and shelter for over 25 more children!  Oh the cheers that filled the Sunday School room that evening.  They whooped and hollered.  I cried.  God is good!

2010 Liberia VBS from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.


Over 360 children attended!

67 children dedicated their lives to Christ!

75 adults came, and 11 of them received Christ!

Bishop Emmanuel Jones writes:

It was heart touching and very moving to watch for three days.  I saw the children change in a dramatic way in their relationship with God and with each other.  

The camp was profound and the children left very encouraged and blessed.  We have started a church in the community in order to continue discipleship and follow up with these new believers."

But this was only the beginning.  Now, with more children we have more cost.  Funds are tight and we need help.  

Here's the exciting part.  If we surpass our goal of 70 sponsors we can take in more children!  Children who would otherwise be turned away!

Our goal is 70 people. $28 a month. One year commitment. 

We currently have 25 commitments... 45 to go in just 3 days!

Can we do it?  With your help we can!

Join us in bringing joy and purpose to orphans.

Contact us at to commit! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Kemah never knew her mother. One day while she and her brother were sleeping, their home caught fire. In a desperate attempt to save his children, Kemah’s father ran into the house for them. After he rescued her brother, her father searched for Kemah as well. That day, the roof of their little house caved in, leaving Kemah’s foot badly burned and killing her father.

Now orphaned, 6 year-old Kemah and her brother found refuge at Master’s Home of Champions-Lifesong Liberia. Here she is gaining an education, is given daily, nutritious meals, and is learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kemah can tell you that she loves Jesus and knows He loves her because He died for her sins. Someday she hopes to be a missionary so she can tell others about the love of Christ!

Wow... What an amazing response to the Gospel from a young child who's already experienced more pain than many of us will experience in a lifetime. But Kemah is not alone. There are other children... so many children... who need our help!

We're asking for a monthly commitment of $28 for one year to help cover the costs of caring for 70 orphans in Liberia. This donation will cover food and water, and other necessities, such as coal and kerosene, toothpaste, bathing and laundry soup, and hair oil.

A typical grocery list at Lifesong Liberia for 1 month includes:

- 8 bags of rice

- 5 gallons agro oil

- 2 bags of cornmeal

- 1 bag of sugar

- 20 gallons of red cooking oil

- 1 carton of cooking salt

Sometimes powdered milk and flour will also be purchased, but not every month.

Every 1-2 days cassava, various vegetables, fish and occasionally chicken are purchased for soup.

Typically the children at Lifesong Liberia will have cornmeal porridge for breakfast and rice with soup for lunch and dinner.

Will you help us feed and care for these children? Children like Kemah?

Our goal is 70 people. $28 a month. One year commitment.

We have 17 commitments. That means 53 to go in just 4 days!

Join us in bringing joy and purpose for orphans!

Contact us at to make your commitment today!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lifesong Liberia

Let's be the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

2010 Liberia Video from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

This week we are inviting our faithful readers and supporters to step up and help us in a time of need for Lifesong Liberia.

Lifesong has partnered with The Master’s Home of Champions orphanage and is providing a loving and safe home to many destitute and abandoned children, some of whom are deaf.  We seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and are focused on the goal of raising up champions for the good of Liberia and glory of God! 

This summer, another orphanage was in dire need, and thanks to an unexpected donation Lifesong was there.  Praise the Lord we can help more children!  But now, we need help too!  We need your help to make sure these children are fed every day!  We need your help to care for the fatherless!  Will you join us?

70 sponsors in one week is a tall order.  We know this.  We also know that we serve a big God who has told us that caring for the poor and vulnerable is at the very heart of who He is!  We believe we can make this happen! We pray that God will call hearts this week and we trust that you will answer!

Contact us at to commit!

Hear personal stories & follow the progress on our blog all this week!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


This is actually a good thing, BUT MY HOUSE IS A DISASTER AREA! Been cleaning for a couple of hours and only managed to get the guest bed cleaned off, some of the guest room dusted and two cups of coffee drank. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! In case you are wondering why I'm freaking out, my mom (and dad) taught me too!!! Every time company was coming over the ENTIRE HOUSE had to be SPOTLESS!!!! It's just not gonna happen... (my head is hanging in shame).
Ah, my little perfectionist alter ego still lives. :-) So much for going to the Bulgarian band concert at church!

Friday, September 17, 2010

4 Days Down

I am so very happy to report that we have made it 4 days without Daddy! No major tantrums. Though there was some candy stealing everyone is on the other side of it. Hopefully. :-) Elizabeth is going to sleep easier. (we've been having issues for a month or so) The wasp sting area doesn't have fever, though it's still a scary red. The house though not much cleaner is not that much dirtier. No migraines, very thankful for that. Everyone IS alive, in case you were wondering. My parents might be coming tomorrow (12 hour drive for them) and even if they don't we'll be fine. We have some plans to keep us active tomorrow. Oh, and yesterday Mr. Z and Mr. J made cookies by themselves! Now I didn't let them bake the cookies without my supervision. I got the privilege of baking since Z was at practice and the dough had to chill, but they did a fine job on the measuring and mixing. Who says boys can't cook?! We even had a family movie night tonight! with popcorn!!! (and I actually sat down and watched it! lol!)
I never would have imagined that things would be rolling along so well right now, but I am happy to report that all's well!
Now what can I do AT HOME by myself (with kids asleep) on a FRIDAY night? Vacuuming and cleaning the guest bedroom for my parents? OR Guitar Hero? I know what I should do... but I've been good all week... Time to CUT LOOSE with the blinds closed and the volume not too high on my wonderfully big 19" TV. Yeah, PARTY is my name! Ha! I crack me up! But if you can't laugh at yourself, life gets boring!

It's Gonna Be Alright

Well this morning began at 5am (that time really should only come once a day) with the alarm telling me to get up. I finally drug myself out of bed at 6 and proceeded to get myself and five kids dressed and fed for our 7am departure to a doctor appointment about an hour away. Super P accompanied us on our early morning trip and he stayed with the other 4 in the waiting room while Mr. M and I went back to see the Doc. It took awhile for the doc to come to the room and so M and I had some one on one playtime. I did look around to see if there might be a camera or something watching our interactions because it was taking sooo long. (Maybe it just felt like a long time since I was sitting on the floor playing and my wasp sting was "feeling" it.)

So this is our third visit to this specialist and ...(drum roll)...
The diagnosis of PDD- Pervasive Developmental Disorder- is truly right on track. Pfffhaa. (that would be the sound of the last remnant of hope being deflated) ADHD, yep, it's sticking too. Learning disability, we don't know what one (or more), but we know from the gap between receptive and expressive language we got it. This is not the first time I heard this, but today for some reason it seems so much more final. Kinda like "third times a charm". We haven't "uncaught" it even after almost a year of medication, therapies, modifications, etc.

On a good day Mr. M just seems like a "normal" active boy. Good days happen if he gets #1- ADHD medication, #2 Essential Fatty Acids, #3 Strict Gluten Free diet, #4 very limited sugar in diet (and I don't use artificial sweeteners), #5 our schedule doesn't deviate (Ha!). If any of these things don't happen there will be bumps, if more than a couple don't happen it's almost anarchy. (migraine waiting to happen)

Mr. M has wore out both of his older brother's patience quite a while ago. They're tired of their items being broke, stolen, Lego creations destroyed, etc. Who can blame them? I get frustrated too. The amount of energy, emotion and time spent on him alone are comparable to what it takes for three other children.

Why am I writing all this? Because it needs to be said. When you adopt a baby, it's like getting a present that you unwrap slowly. They are all there, but you discover more of them as they grow. For those children who have suffered pre-birth trauma or post-birth trauma (Mr. M had both) the package might contain things that you never imagined. Mr. Incredible and I had no idea that we would be facing these things when we took a nine day old little baby boy into our home to foster or even more than a slight idea of what laid ahead when we adopted that little baby boy 19 months later.

If I'm pro-adoption, why am I saying this?! (I bet you thought it!) Because God redeems. He takes what the devil meant for harm and turns it into good. That doesn't mean it happens overnight or that it's easy, but GOD REDEEMS! (I'm crying now) Mr. M was placed in our family for a reason. God chose US for HIM. We may never fully understand how we are changing his life. I do know that he is changing ours. We may never fully know how God uses Mr. M's life to bring God glory. But to God be the glory for the changes that are happening. God is working in Mr. M's life and the fruit is developing, slowly, but becoming more evident.

PDD- Purposefully Divine Destiny
ADHD- Annointed Deeply Healed Definitively
LD- Loved Dearly

Love has to stick even when things are tough. God has a plan and it's gonna be alright.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Forever Family Day

Today marks the 1 year mark of Elizabeth's adoption!
Elizabeth, mommy and daddy are so proud of you and all you do. How far you've come and how your not afraid to try new things, eventually. You are a precious little girl and we love you so much. We are so glad God chose YOU to be a part of our family. We are truly blessed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reasons for Mr. Incredible to NOT Travel

In the past (when I stay home with the kids and forgo my parents)
- our air conditioner caught on fire and filled the house with smoke
- I ran a 103.7 fever for three days and had 4 kids to take care of by myself
- our pool pump quit- had to call the repair guy to fix
- the kids got SICK, like three p^king at once, this has happened on numerous occassions
- countless other little things, these are just some of the "biggies"

*He left at 5am today for China and Indonesia on business.*

In the last nine hours
- Elizabeth fell down the stairs (from about 4 or 5 up)- she's fine.

In the last hour
- I got a wasp sting on my b^tt, seriously. Yeah kind hard to self check that one...(may need to call a friend, a GOOD friend)
- Mr. T p^ked, with no warning or reason...(at least he missed his clean sheets!)

It's gonna be a LONG, LONG, LONG 12 days.

1 Year Gotcha Day!

Today marks the one year mark of meeting Elizabeth. What a wonderful and scary day it was. So truly blessed by how God has worked in her life in the last year.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How Cool Is That?!

This is an excerpt from a chapter in our history curriculum. I had only thought of the plagues on Egypt as judgement before, but there was a connection to their daily life! So cool that God deconstructs each of our idols one by one, making us ever more aware of WHO HE IS! Oh that my heart be more pliable than Pharaoh's!!! (and so cool for the kids to see the connection at such early ages!)

"...God then revealed that Pharaoh would certainly let Israel go, but not willingly; so that it would be necessary for God to judge Egypt with ten terrible plagues. Then Pharaoh and all Egypt would know that the God of the Hebrews is God, the Lord; and that their own gods were no gods at all.

Moses, in the presence of Pharaoh, stretched out his staff over the Nile River, which the Egyptians worshipped as the god of life; and the water became blood in all the lakes and streams of Egypt. Even the water in the jars in the homes became blood, and every fish died, and the river stank; thus God judged the Nile. But in Goshen, where the Hebrews dwelt, the water remained pure.

But as Pharaoh did not let Israel go, next and unnatural force of frogs rose up out of all the rivers in Egypt, and went everywhere, even in the houses and the ovens of the Egyptians. Now Frogs were worshipped as the goddess of the land, and so sacred did the Egyptians hold them, that to kill one was punishable by death.

Even though Pharaoh entreated Moses to remove the frogs from the land, he did not let Israel go. Thus gnats and lice descended upon them, and covered every man, and every beast; for gnats were the symbol of the god of the earth, thus God judged him to be no god at all. Now as Pharaoh's magicians could not duplicate this miracle, they said to him, 'This is the finger of God!' But Pharaoh would not let Israel go.

Then such a large swarm of flies descended on Egypt , that every person, beast, building, and inch of land was covered with them; thus god judged the scarab beetle, who was the god of the insects and sacred to the sun god Amon. But in the land of Goshen, there were no gnats, no lice, and no flies.

Then Pharaoh assured Moses that he would certainly let Israel go. But as soon as the flies were gone, he did not keep his promise, nor did he let Israel go. Thus a horrible disease descended on the livestock of the Egyptian: and all cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen, goats, and sheep that were in the fields, died in a single day. For the Egyptians worshipped the bull and cow as a god and goddess, which even had their own city and temple sacred to them; thus God judged these false gods.

Now Pharaoh sent to Goshen, to see how the livestock of the Hebrews fared; but when it was told to him that not a single calf of the Hebrews was even sick, he still hardened his heart, and would not let Israel go.

Next boils erupted on man and beast, to judge the god of wisdom and medicine; but Pharaoh would not let Israel go. Then Moses warned the people that a great hail was coming; and those who heeded the Lord left no man or animal out in the field; but those who did not heed the Lord, remained in the fields, and they died because of the severity of the hail. Thus God judged the sky goddess of the Egyptians.

But as Pharaoh would not let Israel go, a plague of locusts enveloped the land, and every green plant, which the hail had not destroyed, was consumed. Thus God judged the false gods who were to protect the crops. But in Goshen, there were no boils, or hail, or even a single locust.

Then God judged the sun god, Amon, for He brought a thick darkness over all the land of Egypt for three days. But in Goshen there was sunlight as usual. Pharaoh was so angered at Moses for all these plagues, that he sent him from his presence, and moreover said to him that in the day that Moses saw Pharaoh's face again, Moses would surely die. So after warning Pharaoh of the terrible final plague yet to come, Moses left Pharaoh, and did not see his face again. Yet Pharaoh did not let Israel go."

(Taken from The Story of the Ancient World, chapter 42, by Christine Miller)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Be in Prayer

I have a friend in blog world that needs our prayers today especially.

His Hands His Feet Today


Believing and Receiving

We started a new women's Bible study at church this last week- Beth Moore's "Believing God".
There were two things that REALLY stuck out to me this first week...
1. "The world knows when our reality matches our theology."
When our reality and our theology are the same, we are walking dynamite for the Lord because we are living what we believe!

2."We need to quit wishing and whining and start believing and receiving."
I know we've said, "We'll do ---, when we have ---". Now I don't want to be fool hardy, but what would happen if we just did it?! Believed that God spoke to us and did it! Yep, we sure could use a bigger vehicle if we adopted again, but are we going to let THAT hold us back? Hmm.

Beth went on to say how we are Abraham's spiritual seed, Gal. 3:26-29.
God has an earthly inheritance for us, Deut. 4:37-38.
We will see God's inheritance for us when we are fulfilling His calling for us, but He will not force our calling on us, Deut. 8:7-9, Eph. 1:18-19, Eph 2:10.
And the #1 reason why our calling does not become reality, is our UNBELIEF, Heb. 3:7-19 (OUCH!)
God wants us to do wonderous things- Faith and sanctification closes the gap between reality and theology, Josh. 3:5, Num. 15:37-41.

I have heard a lot lately how in the natural eye our life looks overwhelming. I'll admit, sometimes it is. :) There are days when it seems like we have overcome huge things, but then there are those days when we are stuck down in the mire fighting those little nasty battles. I don't know if I am in a place of where my reality and theology are matching up because I often feel that I fall so very short. It is only through faith that I am able to make it through everyday and I'm going to need an even bigger measure once Mr. Incredible leaves for his 12 business trip in two days! So glad my parents are planning on coming! Upward and onward! And time to start believing and receiving!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Love Fridays!

There's nothing better than just being able to be home... without having demands of places you need to be... without therapist expected over (love you though!)... or having the freedom to just go off to Mardel's and get some laminating done- FREE!
May your Friday be blessed as well!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time Managment- God's Way

I am always amazed at how God's timing is perfect. Earlier this week our "crazy" Thursday actually happened on Tuesday. So we got that out of the way early!
Then today during the time that we should have been gone the chimney sweeping guy came, over an hour early, and he finished up just as M's speech therapist arrived!
Now I just have to pick up Z from practice. Mr. Incredible arrive home (hopefully!!!). Pick up our one everyday prescription (almost out!). Make it to Bible Study BEFORE it actually begins- a friend is meeting me there. (One of those special people that I never would have known had we not adopted Elizabeth) Feed the kids before I leave to go to the study... and all of this before 7! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I try not to be a procrastinator. I was raised with, "Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today!". However, my upbringing has failed me and in the interest of being transparent and dispelling any myths about how "on top of things" I am. It's been just over a year since we left home for China. Now it WAS a TWO part trip... we had to drop off the kids with my parents, so it hasn't been a year since we left the good 'ole USA for China, but.... I finally unpacked FROM THE SUITCASE the little gifts that we got Elizabeth to give her on birthdays. (my head is hanging in shame at the procrastination) It was just all neat in a suitcase and, and, and- I have no excuse.

My name is Jennifer and I have become a procrastinator. The thing that I detested as a child. I now embody.

The most embarrassing thing? We forgot to give Elizabeth her present for her 3rd birthday!!! Oh man! Maybe I'll save the blanket for her forever family day, that's coming soon. I live, I learn, I forget and I try again!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Savings at Kroger and CVS and a little lesson

CVS (3 transactions)
J&J baby wash, J&J baby lotion, 96 ct box of diapers, 2 hydo shave gels, 2 hydro razors, 4 packs of gum, 1 caramel (because I went negative), 2 Zegrid OTC, 4 SoBe lifewaters, 10 clearance items= $0.48 out of pocket and $1.49 on a gift card. I used 8 ECB to buy the clearance items that were 75% and 90% off. Total saved $145.17 and I have lots of ECB left to spend.

Kroger (2 transactions)
4 pkg Reach floss, 2 pure protein bars, 4 Dial handsoaps, 2 deoderants, 4 pkg rice = $0.36
Now I did also pick up 21 packages (yes, that is twenty-one!) of Ian's Gluten Free Chicken nuggets at $3.00 each. I know that sounds super expensive, but in actuality it is over 1/2 off the regular price. (still expensive, but when your GF and you need some convenience...) Total savings $113.91 at Kroger.

So why do I coupon?
  • The money saved can be spent on more worthwhile things, ie. college fund, adoption fund.
  • I like a challenge.
  • It is my way of relieving stress.
  • The stuff that we don't use I giveaway, tax deduction and/or blessing to others.
  • I enjoy getting bargains!
I had some coupons spread out at church the other evening while waiting for Mr. Incredible and the kids during AWANA. A gentleman approached me and asked what I was doing, my system and how it worked, a couple of ladies inquired as well wanting to know the same things. I gladly shared the information that I have learned, because I want others to find the savings that I have. As I was trying to clean up and child pick up started I then observed the eyes of those who hadn't heard how much I save. They saw me (I was in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops), saw my coupons and passed judgement. (I'm not kidding, they looked at me like I had a plague or at least was in a much lower caste than them.) I could have been offended, but I chose to forgive. I don't coupon to win a popularity contest and so I'm not going to worry about what others think about me. Don't get me wrong, it's great when people think what you're doing is super cool. But in the end when Jesus says, "Well done good and faithful servant", is it really going to matter that the doctor or the young mom didn't like me cutting coupons?!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Powerful Song

The Story Behind the Song

Work in Progress

God is not a God of neatness. Sometimes it takes messy things to take the things out of our hearts and lives that are not of Him and replace it with things that are of Him. My home and life look like one big construction zone right now. UNDER CONSTRUCTION and DETOUR, DETOUR! Though we are not remodeling currently it looks like a Tazmanian Devil roared through not long ago. The stuff shoved in the guest bedroom resemble the "things" I keep trying to stuff into my life or the "junk" my heart won't let go of.

I know that this is just part of the refining process, but this time I am really feeling the fire (maybe it's Mr. Incredible's upcoming 12 day business trip as well :)).

One friend said recently, "You're either moving forward or you're sliding back. There is no standing still." I have mulled this over for several weeks before posting it, thinking. Just how true is this?! From the last month of experience, VERY TRUE! God wants us to pursue Him, even when it gets messy and we feel like giving up. If we stop and try to stand still, Satan and all his little entrapments come and jump on you. So onward I press...

Here's some *thoughts* that someone recently posted.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And God Rested...

We had another crazy Thursday planned for today, and then...
... the counselors office called to cancel saying Ms. C had a family emergency. (Dear Lord, be with Ms. C and her family.)
... the speech therapist called saying she was in a town 45 minutes away and still had an eval. to do there (our appointment was in an hour)... could we reschedule?!
So our crazy Thursday turned into a peaceful Thursday- only zumba and occupational therapy. We all laid down for like a whole hour and 15 minutes even! I guess God realized I wasn't feeling 110% today and gave us the opportunity to rest. Way to go God!