Monday, December 6, 2010

USCIS Update

We are still waiting for fingerprinting appointments.  I had expected them no later than today's mail and when the paperwork didn't arrive I called our adoption agency.  Because of the recent USCIS fee increase, applications are backed up.  So instead of 45 days we are looking at 60 days, this is from November 19th.  Please, please pray that either the adoption agency will see the need to expedite- due to little miss needing biophosphonate infusions- or that miraculously USCIS would just get it done quickly.  Little Misses future depends on strengthening her bones.  We are talking possibly the difference between being wheel chair bound or leading a normal life.  She walks now, but the medicine is growth dependent and we've already missed her first four years of growth and as you grow more strain is placed on the bones.  Please pray.  We have to have have this paperwork before China can do anything else. 

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