Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well we've prayed, we've test drove, we've counted the cost and test drove some more...  The last month it seems has been filled with uncertainty about what vehicle God would have us buy.  At first we thought he was leading us to an eight passenger minivan, but our hearts didn't settle.  We've compared minivans to suburbans to 15 passenger vans, looked at seating, pricing, etc.  Yesterday, we went and saw 15 passenger vans.  It is with fear and faith a lot of trepidation and still some hesitation, but we are going to be buying a 14 passenger van and we feel at peace about it.  Why all the fear and faith, trepidation, hesitation?  Have YOU ever driven one?!  It's like driving an aircraft carrier!!!  The fear is because we know of a young man who was injured in a 15 passenger van accident and his life will never be the same because of it.  Trepidation and hesitation are from the fact that we never imagined ourselves here, have never been in this situation before and it is a bit overwhelming.  The faith aspect is we believe that we are following what God is telling to do, but we really don't want to understand or try to comprehend why we need a 14 passenger van, an eight seater would fit us fine.  Maybe it's the cost, maybe the room, I honestly cringe to think about other possibilities.

God equips who He calls, He doesn't call the equipped.  So if he's called us to care for orphans and He's equipping us with a 14 passenger van... (I'm not ready to go there!)

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